Kart Chassis and Components Sales and Service

PPK is a one-stop shop for your Briggs 206 karting needs. We’re partnered with the best companies throughout the industry to give you and your team the resources needed to bring or keep your racing program at the highest level.

Our Partners and Resources —

COYOTE MOTORSPORTS – PPK is a distributor for Coyote’s multi-time championship-winning Zenith kart. We sold dozens of Zeniths in 2022 alone as racers have taken note of the kart’s growing number of wins and championships at tracks and series around the country

ODENTHAL RACING PRODUCTS – Odenthal produces some of the finest CNC-machined products for karting. Odenthal’s engine mounts are the leader in the industry and they manufacturer a number of other parts including standard clamps, Euro clamps, 3rd bearing mounts, a variety of GoPro camera mounts and more.

GREYHOUND USA SEATS – American-made Greyhound USA covers your seating needs for CIK karts. They offer a wide range of seats including all sizes and flexibilities. Greyhound has been the only seat of choice for Coyote Motorsports karts for over a decade, and it’s run by all PPK team drivers. PPK will gladly assist your team with all your seating needs.

HILLIARD CORPORATION – Hilliard is a New York-based motion control and filtration technology manufacturer with a karting division that makes the best 4-cycle clutches in the industry. Hilliard is one of three clutches legal in Briggs LO206 series and we are a proud distributor.

RLV TUNED EXHAUST PRODUCTS – RLV is a California-based in-house manufacturer of steel and aluminum karting products including exhaust pipes, headers, mounts and much more. RLV is also a distribution center for many 2-cycle, 4-cycle, dirt oval and asphalt karting products.

ROCKET SPROCKETS – Since 1992 Rocket Sprockets has been a leading manufacturer of go-kart racing sprockets and mini hubs. Their patented Quick Change feature allows the sprocket to be removed without completely removing the retaining nuts or gear guard assemblies. PPK uses Rocket sprockets on all our Coyote karts.

VEGA USA and MG TIRES – Vega and MG is the spec tire of choice for most sprint karting series in US including all the series we follow. PPK is a distributor for both brands and many times we can offer free delivery to events we attend.